Court Reporting Structure

Structure - Court Reporting

Daily lessons planned down to the minute.


You can't overstate the importance of structure when trying to become more proficient on your steno machine. The court reporting student shouldn't be left to decide what to do - which lessons - which dictations - which drills. Simply having them available isn't enough. They need to be put together in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow manner.

You're perfecting a skill that is comparable to becoming a concert pianist. You need every advantage you can get. A solid lesson structure will help keep you on course to reach your speed goals. SimplySteno is structured for you down to the minute, erasing any confusion about what to do at any given time. Each daily schedule is designed to target a specific portion of your steno experience, whether it's writing, readback, academics or transcription. And we keep the schedule fresh so you don't get bored.

The mental aspect of court reporting is a big part of our program. And each day of our program will include lesson plans that teach you how to gain control of your thought process, giving you the focus and mental stability you need to succeed!

Speaking of the mental aspect, we have an exclusive EFT Video Series in the SimplySteno program, designed specifically for court reporting. Take a look at the video below to get a preview.

EFT for SimplySteno - Fear of Failure - Short Version from Marc Greenberg on Vimeo.


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