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Free Practice Dictations for Court Reporting

Good practice material is here...FREE!


We have moved all the free dictation to a new site that's dedicated just to free dictations. You can access that HERE - or by clicking on the image below. As a court reporting student trying to build speed, you need tools to help you along the way. Access to practice dictations is just one tool. How you use those dictations and put them to good use is something a teacher should be helping with. It's not enough just to write on your steno machine - you need to write with a purpose!

You need to know how to use those dictations to maximize your time on the steno machine. If you're told, "Write for 2 hours per day," that's not valuable instruction. If you're told, "You should be using one pack of steno paper per day," again, that's not helpful.

You can write for 4 hours and getting nothing, or you can write for 2 hours and come away a better writer. That's the kind of structure we provide at SimplySteno. We make the best use of your limited time.

Court Reporting Dictation

In addition, you can still access the President Obama Speeches - Text Included - using the links below. Keep in mind that literary dictations are always going to be harder than jury charge dictations. The words tend to be less familiar and more dense. So it's okay to be about 10 to 20 words slower in your literary writing. After all, the literary is tested at 20 words slower on the RPR exam, so that should tell you something.

Obama Speeches - Page 1
Obama Speeches - Page 2