Program Payments

Payments - Court Reporting

Students should focus on speed, not payments.


SimplySteno is an incredible value for those wanting to increase their writing speed. We do not make you sign long-term contracts. We do not automatically take money from your account. You're in control. And as you can see from the banner below, we now accept PayPal Credit as well! That means you'll have up to 6 months to make your full payment, interest free (if you qualify)!

The SimplySteno course, due to its back-and-forth communications between students and instructors, is not available to Oklahoma residents at this time. Please check in for changes in this policy.

The $710 fee will cover all your setup fees, plus the first 3 months in the program. Once your payment is made, you have up to 3 months to actually start the program - no exceptions. You can save even more money by joining for 6 or 12 months.

After the initial payment, all subsequent payments will be $360 every 3 months (breaking down to $120 per month). They must be in one payment every 3 months. Payments 7 days late will have a $20 late fee added. Example - If your payment is due the first, it's late on the 8th. This means it must be in my hands, not just postmarked. After 10 days of non payment, students are removed from the SimplySteno program. The cost to start up again is $710.

If needed, we also offer a 1-month payment of $180, but you'll save a lot of money going with the 3-month payment.

We also offer discounts for multiple students joining at the same time. The students DO NOT have to start on the same day, but all students must make their payments before any single student can begin the program. Please inquire about the discounts for multiple students.

Steno machines and CAT software are not included as part of the SimplySteno costs.

IMPORTANT - Before becoming a member of the program, email me with any questions, concerns or comments you may have. Payments are not refundable - that includes all monthly payments once you are in the program. That's one of the reasons I've set up the payment plan as it is, so you don't have to pay 1000's of dollars up front. But once a payment has been made, there are no refunds.

We allow 3 forms of payment - credit card, check and money order. Our credit card company is PayPal. If you are not a PayPal member, joining is easy and free. If you are a PayPal member, you already know how simple it is to use. PayPal payments are to be made to

Check and money order payments should be made out to "Marc Greenberg" and sent to:

Marc Greenberg
1504 Silverleaf Oak Court
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410


Please check the boxes below before making your payment.


I understand that all payments to SimplySteno are non-refundable and may not be transferred.

I understand that even if I take time off from the program, the payment schedule remains the same.

I understand that the SimplySteno program is for my use only.

Once payment is made, expect an email within 24 hours with a list of questions. You'll be required to respond before we can set up your account.

(select your payment option below)
$710 (3 months)
That covers the starting fee plus the first 3 months of the program.
$970 (6 months)
Starting fee plus the first 6 months of the program.
You save $150.
$1,590 (12 months)
Starting fee plus the first 12 months of the program.
You save $200.
$3,790 (1-Time Fee)
Starting fee plus access to the SimplySteno program for up to
5 years.

(select your payment option below)
1 Month Payment - $180
3 Month Payment - $360
6 Month Payment - $650
(save $70)
1 Year Payment - $1240
(save $200)
$20 Late Payment Fee

General Court Reporting Costs

A traditional court reporting school will cost between $20,000 to $55,000 to complete. The wide range is based upon how much they charge per quarter, and the amount of time it takes to complete the course. This is a skill-based program, so it may take 2 years...or it may take 8 years. If any court reporting school tells you exactly how long it will take you to complete the course before you even begin, I suggest running.


Keep in mind that no states require a degree to work as a court reporter, captioner or CART provider. Degrees in court reporting exist because schools need benchmarks, not because court reporters need them to work.


Speedbuilding with SimplySteno will cost between $1,000-$4,000, depending on your starting speed. You'll get all the structure, feedback and professional instruction you need to get to 225 words per minute and beyond.