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SimplySteno does not take a broad approach to court reporting. In fact, it's quite the opposite. We've narrowed our focus to include only the things we believe you need to improve your speed on the steno machine. Because of this specialized approach, we are able to designate one or two instructors per element. Whatever your question may be, we have someone on board with the answers.

Marc Greenberg, CRI (Owner and Instructor)

After teaching in a campus school for 6 years, I felt that students needed a better way to practice at home, so I opened As grew, I moved into a Program Coordinator position at the campus school in California. In 2004 I opened, and SimplySteno seemed like the next logical step - to help students improve their speeds on the steno machine. I believe that students are faced with enough challenges - their court reporting program shouldn't be one of them. In addition to SimplySteno, I created the court reporting documentary (with a lot of help!), For the Record. And in 2019, I create StenoFest, the first online convention for court reporting!

Christine Moers , CSR (Voice Writer)

I started court reporting school on the steno machine in March of 2020. After attending the Mark Kislingbury Academy online to complete theory, I moved to SimplySteno. I reached 160 wpm before experiencing worsening tendonitis in one of my elbows. The doctor said I needed to be on my writer less or it was not going to heal. I started a voice writing program in March of 2023, then passed the CSR in May of 2023 as an oral stenographer in Texas. Somewhere in this whirlwind, I also began working for SimplySteno. My quirky combination of talents was a perfect fit: redundant jobs task master and natural cheerleader and motivator. This is a program that has had my heart from the get-go. A steno program will only give you what you put into it, but SimplySteno really does pack a punch and meets students where they are in life, in schedules, and in their bank accounts. It makes the second half of school accessible to many who struggle to find "the right" program because of their specific life circumstances. SimplySteno brings flexibility, affordability, and a strong community. As a new voice writer, I am thrilled to help bring a voice component to an already stellar program. I am so glad you are thinking about joining us!

Jodi Graffam, CSR (Machine Writer)

I graduated from Merit College in CA and worked as a reporter for 5 years before turning to teaching (after a volleyball incident injured my hand). As rewarding as reporting was, I found that teaching gave me a chance to give back to the profession that had helped me so much. I look forward to guiding you along this wild ride and helping in any way I can.

Leslie Ellis, OTR, eRYT500 (Stretching Program)

Leslie founded HeartSong Yoga and Wellness Center in November of 2004 as a place to grow community and to ground her desire to share the joy she had received through yoga. In practicing yoga for 20+ years and teaching since 1998, Leslie has developed an approach to yoga instruction that is heartfelt and fun while also being challenging and technically precise. In Leslie’s classes at HeartSong Yoga she leads you through a discovery process exploring the capacity of the body, the expansiveness of the heart and the celebration of life through yoga. Leslie is deeply passionate about the influence that yoga can have on all aspects of our lives. It teaches us how to honor ourselves, respect others and live from our hearts. She is grateful to all of her yoga teachers which include those she actively studies with and all of the students who share their practice and lives with her.

Eric Singer, CHt - Certified Hypnotherapist (EFT Training for Court Reporting)

As a highly skilled hypnotist with a successful hypnotherapy practice in southeast Portland, Eric helps his clients move from the behavior they have to the behavior they want.  Eric has found much success in helping others to be in control of their thoughts and not to be controlled by them. Expanding his practice to include EFT and other forms of therapy, Eric continues to learn and grow in a profession that is truly his passion.  Eric shares his experience and knowledge with individual and group setting as well as offering lectures and seminars. Eric's video series on court reporting puts the focus on test anxiety, fear of failure and other issues facing court reporting students.

We know we have an amazing program with amazing instructors. We encourage you to compare SimplySteno with other programs - we know you'll come back to SimplySteno!

Recent Updates!

2/9/23 - NCRF's Career Launcher added to the program, free of charge to students.

4/25/22 - Adding more SimplySteno LIVE classes to the schedule.

5/1/21 - Added SimplySteno Direct to the program, which allows students more one-on-one training with a SimplySteno instructor.

2/1/21 - Added David's SimplySteno Happy Funtime Hour to the live classes twice a month. It's a great place to ask questions and meet other SimplySteno students!

11/1/20 - English, Vocabulary, Procedures (Professional Practice), Case CATalyst and Eclipse...DONE!

6/1/20 - Our new academic platform is almost done - new English, Vocabulary, Medical, Legal, and CAT sections!

9/1/19 - Our new grading technique is even MORE comprehensive than before. Now it's easier than ever for students to see what they have to work on.

4/1/19 - 900 hours (yes, 900!) of audio dictations added to the Audio Library!

6/13/18 - 17 hours of SimplySteno Live classes added to the Video Library!

2/1/18 - Over the past 3 months we've added over 200 hours of dictations (audio and video) to our libraries, including more drills!

 - Added 47 new hours of SimplySteno Live classes to the Video Library!

5/12/17 - Added 32 new hours of SimplySteno Live classes to the Video Library!

2/20/17 - Added 10 new hours of SimplySteno Live dictation to the Video Library!

2/19/17 - Over 32,000 flashcards in our SimplySteno Flashcards database now! 

12/23/16 - Over 13,000 flashcards in our SimplySteno Flashcards database now!

9/23/16 - Added over 11 hours of high-speed dictation to the Video Library!

8/3/16 - Over 100 new dictation videos will be loaded into the Video Library this week!

6/1/16 - SimplySteno Flashcards has been launched! And SimplySteno students, of course, have full access. A great new tool to learn those steno outlines!

4/1/16 - 15 new hours of multi-voice dictation videos added to the Video Library.

 - Not enough time for a full lesson today? We've added 33 SimplySteno Quick Classes to the Audio Library. Each class is about 40 minutes.

1/2/16 - 19 hours of sustained dictation is being added to the daily lessons.

10/15/15 -
17 hours of video practice have been added to the Video Library.

7/13/15 - The "Compare" feature is being slowly added to some lessons, allowing students to instantly compare their test transcripts to a correct transcript.

5/23/15 - SimplySteno Plus has a new audio player that allows the user to increase and decrease the audio speed by 20%. It also allows for easy use on a cell phone or tablet device.

2/15/15 - About 200 new audio and video files added to the libraries!

10/29/14 - Started adding the SimplySteno Live class recordings to the Video Library. That means lots of new dictation every week!

8/8/14 - Added new dictations to the audio library - most of them ranging from 200-250 wpm!

5/22/14 - Added new tests into the mix. New speakers - more variety - keeping you on your toes!

1/20/14 - Adding "Speedbuilding Focus" files to each speed in the Audio Library.  They are about 20-30 minutes in length.  They are a single, 5-minute dictation that is broken down by minute - slower - then goal - then faster - then the entire dictation.  Great way to do some target practice on one dictation.

12/18/13 - We've added a CAT Software Training area! With teaching guides and videos for the 4 major CAT companies - Case CATalyst, Eclipse, DigitalCAT and Winner - it's a great place to learn your software.

11/11/13 - The EFT Video Series has been added. These EFT videos were designed by a certified hypnotherapist specifically for the SimplySteno Court Reporting Program.  They deal with Test Anxiety, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success and more! It's not all about the fingers - it's about the mind as well.

10/29/13 - Stretching videos added. These videos were designed by a certified yoga instructor specifically for court reporting students - specifically for the SimplySteno Court Reporting Program. Students sit for long periods of time, so it's important to keep the body in good position.

9/25/13 - A MAJOR overhaul in the lesson format! We've integrated the audio files directly into the lessons to save court reporting students time. Many students have jobs or family duties, so making the most of every second counts!

8/15/13 - Added LIVE classes to the SimplySteno program! With video integration, you can actually see your teacher - and they can see you! It's a great opportunity to get in some live readback and get instant feedback from your speedbuilding instructor.

7/5/13 - Added more sustained and pyramid dictations to the lessons in every speed! It's important to have variety - to mix things up - to keep you on your toes!

5/26/13 - Added 250 new dictations to the Audio Library - all different speeds and types - literary, jury charge, 2-voice. By this time next year, we'll be shooting for close to 3,000 dictations available for use by SimplySteno court reporting students!

3/12/13 - Updated the Brief Machine section. There are now over 700,000 brief suggestions in the database. Just type in your English word or phrase and get a brief idea (or several) on demand!

1/1/13 - SimplySteno is proud to be a sponsor for the upcoming documentary about the field of court reporting. It's important that everyone learns about this amazing occupation! Check out the documentary website - CourtReportingMovie - and make sure to like the Facebook page to get updates!