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You're not alone out there. Whether you just have a quick question about our court reporting program, or you're already taking part, we're always just a live chat or quick email away. All emails will be responded to within 12 hours, usually within 2 or 3. It's not enough to have dictations. It's not enough to have court reporting tests. You need to have a court reporting instructor to respond to your questions and give you feedback on your work. .

If we happen to be online at the same time you are, the logo in the upper left of the page will say "Chat with Marc now!" Just click on that button and we can help you right away.

Remember, there are no stupid questions...only stupid answers (just kidding). There isn't a question you're going to have that hasn't been asked before, so don't be shy.

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"I'm very grateful too for all the help you provided while I was a SimplySteno student, It has helped me to make it into an actual courtroom at last! I'm into my second week of work as a trainee court reporter at the Royal Courts of Justice in London!"

Loiuse Frith (Royal Courts of Justice)


And make sure to check out all of our court reporting student testimonials. For the best insight into your court reporting education decision, it's best to speak to those who have walked that path before..

And we encourage you to look over some of our many testimonials.