Court Reporting

Program Overview

Our Philosophy - Speedbuilding at home works!


A court reporting program does not have to be complex to be effective. In fact, at SimplySteno we believe that the opposite applies. We don't believe in "fluff." Every dictation, academic, lecture and project is there for a reason. We stick to the basics - the basics work! And we've been doing it online, successfully, for over 15 years.

Daily Lessons - The core of SimplySteno are the daily lesson plans. You log in each day, go to your lessons, and it tells you exactly what to do. You have 5 lessons per week, with each lesson being about 3.5 hours long. You DO NOT pick your own material. You DO NOT decide what to practice each day. We've planned it out for you down to the second. If you were a 100 wpm student, for example, in a typical day you would hear dictations from 80 to 120 wpm - different combination of jury charge, literary, 2-voice, congressional, names and numbers, medical and more. Each day is different. Your job is to sit in the chair - we've done the rest!

You can access your lessons at any time you want - any days you want. You can split the lessons up as well, if needed.


Weekly Testing - You will be tested an average of 3 times a week - different combinations of 1-voice and 2-voice. Your tests are worked into the daily lessons. You must pass one of each to move up to the next speed. SimplySteno speeds go up in 10-word steps. We feel that makes things more comfortable moving up and allows you to pass tests with more frequency. You must score 95.5% to pass. All tests are graded and returned within 7 days - feedback included. You need to SEE your tests so you know what to work on!

Academics - SimplySteno offers courses in Vocabulary, English, Medical Terminology, Legal Terminology, CAT software, and Procedures. We keep things basic and to the point. We want the bulk of your practice time to be on your steno machine. If you've taken these academics previously in another court reporting school or program, it's up to you whether you take them again.

court reporting academics

SimplySteno Live - We offer between 8-10 hours a week of live dictation. Attendance is voluntary, but we highly recommend you show up and share some quality speedbuilding time with your fellow students. Speeds, days, and times change each week to allow students from all across the country to attend at least a few classes each week. Classes are recorded and placed in the Video Library for later viewing. Included as part of the SimplySteno program.

SimplySteno Live

SimplySteno Flashcards - English on one side - steno on the other. It's a great way to practice your steno outlines. Create your own sets or use sets created by others. With over 40,000 cards in the system, you're bound to find the exact drill you need. Control the speed of the cards and nail those steno outlines down! Included as part of the SimplySteno program.

SimplySteno Flashcards

And more... - SimplySteno has an audio/video library with thousands of hours of practice material, including 4-voice. You will never be lacking material to work with - and you'll be working directly with me (Marc) 99% of the time.

Tuition Fees - The starting fee for the SimplySteno program is $710 - that covers your first 3 months in the program. After that, it's $360 every 3 months. Want to save more? Join for 6 or 12 months - or join in a group of 3 or more students. EVERYTHING is included in the SimplySteno program. We don't sell a "lite" version of the program. Why would we offer a "lite" program that doesn't cover everything a student needs? We are confident that we offer the best value in speedbuilding.

Have more questions? Make sure to look over our FAQ page.

Celebrity Steno!

Michelle Pfeifer - The actress who starred in such movies as The Fabulous Baker Boys, What Lies Beneath, Batman Returns and...yes, Grease 2...once attended court reporting school in California.


Harvey Keitel  - Known for his acting roles in Reservoir Dogs, The Piano, Pulp Fiction and Mean Streets, the gritty actor once made a living as a court reporter.


Kim Delaney - "If I weren't an actress: I had planned on being a court reporter." Kim actually attended school before landing acting roles in such TV shows as NYPD Blue and Army Wives.


Phil Spector - The famous music producer (now in jail for murder) attended court reporting school before producing such classic songs as Be My Baby (The Ronettes), You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (The Righteous Brothers) and Unchained Melody (The Righteous Brothers).


Charles Dickens  - At 18 years of age, Charles Dickens became a professional stenographer, using his verbatim skills for the newspaper, the Mirror of Parliament. His work as a stenographer clearly influenced his novel writing in later years. David Copperfield, one of his most popular characters, was a parliament stenographer as well.