SimplySteno Dream Boards

SimplySteno Dream Boards

Have a clear vision of your goals and dreams.


We all have goals and dreams. Dream Boards are a great way for court reporting students to express them in a concrete, visual way - to share with other students - to show that we're all in this together. I suggest placing your Dream Board in a place where you can see it each day - maybe the place where you do your steno practice. Just a quick glance before you start practice - and a quick glance at the end - that little bit of inspiration may be that little boost you need while you're attending your court reporting school or program.

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Dream Boards can be made by using clippings from magazines, printing out images from the Internet, drawn by hand, crafted with things you utilize around the house. There's no limit to how you can assemble your dreams! Don't believe me? Take a look at the link above to see what other students have created.

SimplySteno students may be online, but that doesn't mean they can't socialize with others trying to improve their skills. With our live classes and Facebook page, students are free to chat with each other as much or as little as they like.

We encourage you to look over our testimonials and ask SimplySteno students how they've enjoyed the online program. Because we know what the response will be - they love it! With 100% daily structure and constant feedback, it's all you need to move forward in your speeds and achieve your steno goals.