Court Reporting

Court Reporting Program Value

Court reporting students don't have money to waste.


Court reporting is a challenge from beginning to end. And there are speed bumps all along the way. Gaining speed. Passing tests. Maintaining an outside life. There are daily distractions to deal with. At SimplySteno, we don't believe finances should be one of them.

There are only 2 charges in the SimplySteno court reporting program - the startup fee and the monthly fee. There are no modules to add. No books to buy. Everything is included. And as you can see from the banner below, we now accept PayPal Credit as well! That means you'll have up to 6 months to make your full payment, interest free! Just click on the banner below to get approved.


1 - The startup fee is $710. This covers the first 3 months of the program, plus setting up your online account. If you'd like to save even more money, you can sign up for 6 ($970) or 12 months ($1590) at the start.

2 - After your first 3 months, it's $360 every 3 months. We also offer a one month fee of $180, but you'll obviously save a lot of money using the 3-month option. These rates cover all the tools you'll need - instruction, lesson plans, dictations, tests, grading, finger drills, academics, feedback - everything you need to improve your steno skills.

That's it - no hidden fees! No extra costs for new speeds or material. And this INCLUDES the RPR Prep Program once you reach those speeds.

And we save you money in 2 additional ways -

1 - Don't Pass - Don't Pay! Our program is designed in 10-word increments. That means that you are tested at 110, 120, 130, etc. If you do not pass a speed within 3 months, and your payment date comes around, you will not have to make that payment until you pass the targeted speed (up to 6 months). This offer stops once you pass your 200 2-voice test.

Example - You're attempting to pass your 150 speed. The third month has concluded and you have not yet passed. You will continue to receive new lesson plans targeting that speed, but you will no longer pay for the 150 speed if your payment date comes up. Only when you've passed your 150 speed (or a test at the next speed) will you then have to make your next tuition payment. In total, you will get 6 months to pass the speed without payment. If you have not passed your speed in 6 months, we need to discuss why that is - is it the student - is it the program - is it a combination of the two? Starting the 7th month, should we agree that you will continue with the program, payments will begin once more.

There are two restrictions to this offer. If you fail to turn in a testing or academic requirement more than 3 times in a single speed, on time (within 48 hours of the day it's due), you are no longer eligible to stop paying for that speed. If we're going to give 100%, we expect you to do the same. The program is structured for 5 lessons (in 7 days). 5 lessons completed within 7 days (only one lesson is allowed per day) is considered "on time." This offer does not apply to your starting speed. Only you know your true starting speed, so make sure you're not starting too fast.

2 - You will never pay more than $3,950 for the speedbuilding program. Whichever startup plan you select, that's the payment cap. If it takes you 29, 34 or 45 months, you never have to pay another dime for as long as you'd like to continue. Why should you keep paying for a program that isn't working? You shouldn't! If the program isn't working, there's a reason. Either the program isn't motivating you to do your best, or the program is lacking. And why would you pay for that? The only exception to the $3,950 figure is if you fail to turn in a testing or academic requirement more than 3 times in a single speed, on time. You will then have to continue to pay monthly for that speed for its duration, adding to the final cost of your program.

We also offer discounts for multiple students joining at the same time. The students DO NOT have to start on the same day, but all students must make their payments before any single student can begin the program.

1 Student - $710 to start.

3 Students - $650 each to start

5 or more Students - $590 each to start

Make sure to check out the quality of the SimplySteno program.

General Court Reporting Costs

A traditional court reporting school will cost between $20,000 to $55,000 to complete. The wide range is based upon how much they charge per quarter, and the amount of time it takes to complete the course. This is a skill-based program, so it may take 2 years...or it may take 8 years. If any court reporting school tells you exactly how long it will take you to complete the course before you even begin, I suggest running.


Keep in mind that no states require a degree to work as a court reporter, captioner or CART provider. Degrees in court reporting exist because schools need benchmarks, not because court reporters need them to work.


Speedbuilding with SimplySteno will cost between $1,000-$4,000, depending on your starting speed. You'll get all the structure, feedback and professional instruction you need to get to 225 words per minute and beyond.