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It's not enough to be as good - we must be better.


It's important to do your research! Improving your steno skills can be time consuming and expensive, so make sure you look into all your learning options.

Court Reporting Degrees - How many states require a court reporting degree (or any kind of degree) to work? Zero. Call some court reporting agencies and ask if a degree is required to be hired. Nope.

Cost Reference - You can expect to pay between $20,000-$55,000 in a traditional court reporting school.

Some court reporting schools offer a "lite" version of their full programs for students who have run out of financial aid. Keep in mind that these are the same schools that max out your financial aid...and now are looking for a way to continue bringing in your money. Why settle for a trimmed-down version of a teaching program?

Academic Courses - We don't force you to take classes you don't need. Most court reporting schools require you to take irrelevant academics in order to ensure that you attain units to qualify you for financial aid. That's great for schools, but often a waste of time for those trying to improve their speed on the court reporting machine.

Time - Most students don't have extra time to waste each day. Yet many court reporting schools spend hours a week in live classes talking about the weekend, what's for dinner, what they did last night, etc. We make every minute of your steno day count.

Tests Returned - If you're not able to see your errors, how can you work on them to improve? SimplySteno returns graded tests in an average of 4 days. Not just passes - all tests.

Student Feedback - The best way to determine if a court reporting program is worth your time are the opinions of those taking it. Make sure your court reporting program lets you speak with current or former users. And make sure testimonials have last names. Why would someone who is proud of their program - proud enough to give a testimonial - not allow their last name to be shown?

Do your research. We're certain that once you ask questions and get feedback, you'll find that SimplySteno is a great option to fulfill your speedbuilding needs.


And make sure to check out a SimplySteno sample lesson - you can't beat our structure!