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CAT Software -

AristoCAT - As a professional court reporter, captioner or transcriptionist, your success depends on your Computer-Aided Transcription (CAT) software. That's why you need the most reliable, efficient, easy-to-learn systems available. The only CAT systems backed by over 20 years of experience developing software specifically for court reporters and captioners. The only company committed to 100% support -- from our most demanding Windows 32-bit users to our customers who still prefer the DOS-based environment. No software key. No hassles. Others come and go. Like justice, AristoCAT endures the test of time.

Case CATalyst - Case CATalyst is: • Windows® 7 compatible for use on a variety of popular computers. • Completely integrated with the Diamante, élan and Stentura writing machines (and others). • Backed by an experienced team of technical professionals and certified training agents to help you get up and running and to be there for help when you need it.

DigitalCAT - The wait is over! digitalCAT 4 is now available as an upgrade for customers with active leases and purchasers with active support contracts.

Eclipse CAT Software - Total Eclipse has always been light years ahead of the competition. With unprecedented ease-of-use and over 100 new features and improvements, Total Eclipse 5 widens the gap even further.

ProCAT Winner - Winner represents over three decades of industry experience, and a tradition of many industry firsts. It is the most robust and feature-rich computer-aided transcription available for the court reporting industry. It offers the most desirable features, yet is very simple to use. Transition to Winner for new users is very simple due to the similarity of its “custom” keyboards for other CAT products. Additionally, user note and transcript files may be imported from selected CAT systems into Winner.

StenoCAT - Reporting software that requires no long term commitments or big upfront payments, with flexible options to stream realtime over the internet.   Streaming may be to an unlimited number of viewers on an unlimited number of browser-enabled devices.  Our users enjoy having flexible subscription options each time they renew. StenoCAT reporters and scopists are producing transcripts confidently and effortlessly in a matter of days, and then report back to us that our products are easiest to learn.  StenoCAT is compatible with all current Windows OS as well as all new steno writers (and virtually all older ones too).  We also offer OpenWrite for transcriptionists, available for sale or easy subscription.   StenoCAT backs you up with the best technical support in the industry. 

SmartCAT - Cheetah - SmartCAT™(TurboCAT™ for Windows) is the state-of-the-art Windows software for Court Reporters, deposition reporters, and other stenographers who need a fast, simple, comprehensive program to produce professional transcripts quickly and easily.

Plover - Plover (rhymes with "hover") is a free, open source stenography engine. It allows individuals to replace their keyboard and write into any program at speeds of over 200 words per minute.

Steno Theory -

StarTran Theory - StarTran - is an affordable, dynamic, and convenient self-paced online program for beginning students which teaches NCRA-approved StarTran Realtime Theory for learning computerized realtime machine shorthand used by today's professional court reporters, captioners, and CART providers.

StenEd Theory - Founded shortly after the first CAT systems appeared, StenEd has been creating stenotype educational material that takes full advantage of computer technology for over 25 years. Taught in more schools than any other theory, we continue to expand and refine our products to provide the most effective and comprehensive material available for all stenotype professions.

Phoenix Theory - Phoenix Theory is written primarily by sound and incorporates a simple Vowel Omission Principle which virtually eliminates spelling dependency and, at the same time, automatically eliminates the vast majority of conflicts in word boundaries, totally eliminating the need for a multitude of rules for conflict resolution.

Roberts, Walsh, Gonzalez Theory - Theory textbook Computer Shorthand: Realtime Theory (3rd Edition) by Allen Roberts, John Walsh, and Jean Gonzalez (better known as the Roberts Walsh Gonzalez theory textbook) is a theory textbook that has been used for many years because of its ease of learning. Although the textbook has not been widely marketed, it has an established following.


Thanks for looking over the SimplySteno Court Reporting Program!

Thank you to the wonderful staff at SimplySteno! I'm doing the job of my dreams and loving every minute!

Menal Yousif-Bashi, CSR, RPR

I LOVE being a court reporter! Thank you to Marc and SimplySteno for getting me to the finish line!

Trudi O'Brien, CSR

I am a returning reporter after being out of the field for 16 years. I went to a school that had a high pass rate, and SimplySteno is run much the same way. The ample amount of dictation is dense and clear, and Marc's support is always just an email away. It's almost like having a personal trainer in that the program is geared to meet my individual needs. I didn't think I could do it on my own, but I was wrong! Thanks, Marc!

Caryn Spiezer, CSR

I'm very grateful too for all the help you provided while I was a SimplySteno student, It has helped me to make it into an actual courtroom at last! I'm into my second week of work as a trainee court reporter at the Royal Courts of Justice in London!

Loiuse Frith (Royal Courts of Justice)

A little over 2 hours of my day and I feel like I learned more and got more accomplished then I ever have. Its amazing how you can go from writing 6 hours a day and be so bored, frustrated, and annoyed that you don't feel like you accomplished anything. Today I stayed hooked up for 2 hours and actually feel accomplished, satisfied, and eager to move forward. Even though the material was way more challenging, for the first time ever, I am actually looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. Yay!! I am so excited and thrilled that I trusted my gut instinct. Joining SimplySteno was the best decision I have ever made! I am so ready to climb to the top of that mountain!

Jodie Taylor, CSR

SimplySteno is a real step forward in speedbuilding. It is a down-to-earth approach that recognizes that court reporting students aren’t training in a vacuum. It gives plenty of support and direction for succeeding in spite of the distractions of everyday life.

I started with SimplySteno at 190 words per minute. One month later, I passed my state exam.

During my time with SimplySteno, Marc was quick with feedback and encouragement. He graded tests quickly. When I was getting ready to start reporting, he was standing by, quick to express his confidence in my ability. He offered help with arranging intern opportunities.

The dictation material is challenging, but as Marc says, if you can write his material, you will have no trouble passing certification tests. SimplySteno is a great program. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to progress rapidly and get inspired about being a court reporter again – and not go deeply into debt in the process!

Linda Grotefendt, CCR



Recent Updates!

2/1/18 - Over the past 3 months we've added over 200 hours of dictations (audio and video) to our libraries, including more drills!

 - Added 47 new hours of SimplySteno Live classes to the Video Library!


5/12/17 - Added 32 new hours of SimplySteno Live classes to the Video Library!

2/20/17 - Added 10 new hours of SimplySteno Live dictation to the Video Library!


2/19/17 - Over 32,000 flashcards in our SimplySteno Flashcards database now! 


12/23/16 - Over 13,000 flashcards in our SimplySteno Flashcards database now!


9/23/16 - Added over 11 hours of high-speed dictation to the Video Library!


8/3/16 - Over 100 new dictation videos will be loaded into the Video Library this week!


6/1/16 - SimplySteno Flashcards has been launched! And SimplySteno students, of course, have full access. A great new tool to learn those steno outlines!


4/1/16 - 15 new hours of multi-voice dictation videos added to the Video Library.

 - Not enough time for a full lesson today? We've added 33 SimplySteno Quick Classes to the Audio Library. Each class is about 40 minutes.

1/2/16 - 19 hours of sustained dictation is being added to the daily lessons.

17 hours of video practice have been added to the Video Library.

The "Compare" feature is being slowly added to some lessons, allowing students to instantly compare their test transcripts to a correct transcript.

SimplySteno Plus has a new audio player that allows the user to increase and decrease the audio speed by 20%. It also allows for easy use on a cell phone or tablet device.

 - About 200 new audio and video files added to the libraries!

 - Started adding the SimplySteno Live class recordings to the Video Library. That means lots of new dictation every week!

 - Added new dictations to the audio library - most of them ranging from 200-250 wpm!

 - Added new tests into the mix. New speakers - more variety - keeping you on your toes!

 - Adding "Speedbuilding Focus" files to each speed in the Audio Library.  They are about 20-30 minutes in length.  They are a single, 5-minute dictation that is broken down by minute - slower - then goal - then faster - then the entire dictation.  Great way to do some target practice on one dictation.

 - We've added a CAT Software Training area! With teaching guides and videos for the 4 major CAT companies - Case CATalyst, Eclipse, DigitalCAT and Winner - it's a great place to learn your software.

 - The EFT Video Series has been added. These EFT videos were designed by a certified hypnotherapist specifically for the SimplySteno Court Reporting Program.  They deal with Test Anxiety, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success and more! It's not all about the fingers - it's about the mind as well.

 - Stretching videos added. These videos were designed by a certified yoga instructor specifically for court reporting students - specifically for the SimplySteno Court Reporting Program. Students sit for long periods of time, so it's important to keep the body in good position.

 - A MAJOR overhaul in the lesson format! We've integrated the audio files directly into the lessons to save court reporting students time. Many students have jobs or family duties, so making the most of every second counts!

 - Added LIVE classes to the SimplySteno program! With video integration, you can actually see your teacher - and they can see you! It's a great opportunity to get in some live readback and get instant feedback from your speedbuilding instructor.

 - Added more sustained and pyramid dictations to the lessons in every speed! It's important to have variety - to mix things up - to keep you on your toes!

 - Added 250 new dictations to the Audio Library - all different speeds and types - literary, jury charge, 2-voice. By this time next year, we'll be shooting for close to 3,000 dictations available for use by SimplySteno court reporting students!

 - Updated the Brief Machine section. There are now over 700,000 brief suggestions in the database. Just type in your English word or phrase and get a brief idea (or several) on demand!

 - SimplySteno is proud to be a sponsor for the upcoming documentary about the field of court reporting. It's important that everyone learns about this amazing occupation! Check out the documentary website - CourtReportingMovie - and make sure to like the Facebook page to get updates!