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Free Practice Dictations - Obama - Page 2

Dictations and transcripts of President Obama's speeches.


The free dictations you will hear in the following sections are NOT dictations that are used as part of the SimplySteno court reporting program. Although these dictations are of good quality, the SimplySteno dictations are MUCH better and were recorded with intention of training students to become better writers on their steno machines.

These are not timed dictations - they are spoken at conversational speed - as they were delivered by the speaker. Speeds will range from about 100 to 180 words per minute overall. they are not TOTALLY free. We are asking you for a favor. Please stop by StenoWatchdog and leave reviews on and court reporting services and items you may be familiar with. This helps the steno community as a whole, so it's really worth taking a few minutes to do it.

Court reporting school can be a challenge, so anything you can do to help yourself along is a smart choice. You need quality speedbuilding materials to work with, structured lessons that tell you exactly what to do, and feedback from a qualified instructor.

Marc - SimplySteno

Obama 010 Speech - 35 Minutes
Obama 010 Speech Hardcopy

Obama 011 Speech - 37 Minutes
Obama 011 Speech Hardcopy

Obama 012 Speech - 27 Minutes
Obama 012 Speech Hardcopy

Obama 013 Speech - 26 Minutes
Obama 013 Speech Hardcopy

Obama 014 Speech - 42 Minutes
Obama 014 Speech Hardcopy

Obama 015 Speech - 14 Minutes
Obama 015 Speech Hardcopy