Court Reporting Program
Free SimplySteno Trial
Because we know you'll fall in love!

It's our 10th year, so we're doing something special - offering FREE trials of the SimplySteno program! It's time to take a big step forward and let everyone enjoy the SimplySteno experience - the daily structure - daily motivation - daily feedback.

The SimplySteno Free Trial will run from 7/5/17 to 7/15/17 (EXTENDED to 7/17/17!) - you can select any 5 (concurrent) days within that week. To sign up, just email me at I'll email you back with a few questions about your speed, theory and such, then set things up. Simple.

Just a few things you'll be able to access in addition to the daily lessons...

SimplySteno Flashcards

SimplySteno Live Class Recordings


EFT Video Series for Court Reporting Students


SimplySteno Quick Classes
These are NOT the SimplySteno daily lessons. These are bonus dictations - for when you have an extra 30-40 minutes of time to practice.


This offer is only available to students who have never used the SimplySteno program before - did not use the free trial we had earlier this year..