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SimplySteno August Special
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If you took part in our free trial, we know you fell in love with SimplySteno! If you didn't have a chance to try it, we still have a great offer for you. First, a few common questions...

How much is the program? If you join by 8/22/17, you save $175 off your starting fee. You can join for 3 months ($535), 6 months ($820), 1 year ($1440) or 1-time payment ($3630). The longer the time, the more the savings. If you'd like to start things up, just select your payment option below by pressing the appropriate PayPal button.

Do I have to start right away? No. Once you make your payment, you have 3 months to start. Your payment kicks in on the day you start, not the day you pay.

What happens once I pay? Once payment is made, I'll email you with questions about your speeds, theory, CAT software (if you have it), etc... You respond to my email - and you're welcome to start as soon as Monday!

What are the fees after the initial payment? Monthly payment amounts will be based upon the amount of months paid for. The typical payment is $360 - that covers 3 months.

IMPORTANT NEWS - Those joining in August will get 2 extra bonuses - they will have lifetime PRO access to SimplySteno Flashcards, and lifetime access to any SimplySteno Live classes offered.

Can't come up with the starting amount - or want to save more money by joining for a longer time? You may qualify for PayPal Credit - ZERO interest if paid off before 6 months.

To get started, just select your payment option below! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call - 818-642-9331 - or email -

3 Months - Discounted - $535

6 Months - Discounted - $820

1 Year - Discounted - $1440

1-Time Payment - $3630